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Coming together from diverse academic backgrounds and professional experiences— from our Execs and Advisors to the Faculty Rep Committee —our family of leaders is here to support you and your pursuits. Read on to learn more about them.


Now Recruiting Chapter Executives!

We are recruiting current undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Alberta who are Golden Key Members and would like to join our executive team. We have a number of different positions available. If you interested in hosting events and creating volunteer opportunities for your fellow GK Members and UofA Students then please reach out to us at



Coming together from various academic backgrounds and professional experiences, our family of leaders is here to support you and your pursuits. Read on to learn more about them.


Isha Ghoorah 

Isha Ghoorah is so thrilled to be a part of the Golden Key society! She is currently specializing in Cell biology and looks forward to pursuing a post-grad in Biomedical engineering.


Isha loves to read fiction, freestyle dance and listens to all sorts of different music in her free time. She is excited to get to know as many of the University of Alberta chapter members as she can and hopes to contribute towards fun and helpful activities/events throughout the year!

Aiden Choi 
VP Leadership

Hello my name is Aiden and I will be joining Golden Key as VP leadership. I will be heading into my third year of Honors Biochemistry.


When I'm not studying, I love to play or watch basketball and soccer. During the summer I love to travel and go camping. I look forward to working as a Golden Key executive to bring fun and helpful events for the community.


Kori Kozicki 
VP Communications

Kori is joining the GK executive team this year as VP Communications. She is working towards a BSc degree in computer science and mathematics at the U of A. She is looking forward to raising awareness of events and answering questions anybody has.

Kori has too many hobbies to keep track of. She likes art, reading, playing video games, baking, and website building. On top of everything, she's found a new love for the university's gym and loves to go on runs. The physical activity gives her a nice break from her studies.

Janetta Cheng 
VP Academic

Janetta is excited to continue serving on the GK Executive team this year as VP Academic. She is looking forward to working with the rest of the executive team to enrich GK members’ educational experiences beyond lectures! In her spare time, Janetta enjoys visiting cafes and bubble tea shops, travelling, attending workshops on various topics, and catching up with family and friends over delicious meals.

Janetta Cheng GK Photo.jpg
New Note.jpeg

Jarred Alonzo 
VP Service

Jarred is the VP Service for this year. He is in his second year of his Honors Pharmacology degree.

Fun fact about him: he enjoys getting involved in research and has had the privilege of working on a project about how wildfire smoke affects air quality in campus buildings. 

Danna Hristova 
VP External

Danna will be serving as VP External of the GK executive team! She is working towards an Honors BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. She's excited to connect with groups and teams across campus to bring more awareness to GK's initiatives!


When she is not studying (which is rarer and rarer as exam seasons approach) she's rock climbing at U of A's climbing center, or crocheting on her couch while listening to true crime podcasts! 

IMG_9167 (2).JPG

Arsenii Litus 
VP Finance

Arsenii is the Vice President of Finance of the Golden Key UofA Chapter. He is a truly business-passionate individual. Starting from the age of 16, he has been working in various international companies, where he honed his business acumen before bringing it to our Chapter. Being a president of the UofA "Bulls" business club, and a member of the Alberta Youth Parliament, he continuously brings more opportunities to the lives of the UofA students.

Savana Pinsent 
VP Fundraising

My name is Savana. My degree is a Bachelor of Education and obviously I love working with children. My hobbies include drawing and dancing, my favourites thus far are the foxtrot and cha cha! I absolutely have a soft spot for hot cocoa and crisp cool morning strolls, this being said, I am in fact that person that everyone is confused with when they see how slow I am moving as they eagerly pass me on the sidewalk (I do always leave room to pass obviously, I’m not a monster).

Untitled design.png

Hannah Hasselbohm 
VP Social

Hannah is joining the GK executive team as VP social. She is a second year Bachelor of Commerce student with a major in accounting. She hopes to pursue a career in Forensic Accounting upon completing her schooling. She is excited to join the executive team and looks forward to connecting with new people. In her spare time Hannah enjoys attending concerts and music festivals and spending time with family. 




Coming together from various academic backgrounds and professional experiences, our family of leaders is here to support you and your pursuits. Read on to learn more about them.

Trevor Buckle 


Trevor is one our advisors here at the University of Alberta Golden Key Chapter. He previously acted as an advisor from 2006-2010 and has been back with us for a few years now. Trevor has a long career working in the post-secondary sector, primarily at the U of A. Starting in the Office of the Registrar, he transitioned to student advising and recruitment in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Engineering. During that time, his focus shifted from Canadian to international recruitment and programming, including managing UAlberta’s School in Cortona, Italy. Currently, Trevor is also the Associate Director (Programs), Education Abroad where he oversees all institution-wide study abroad programs.

Faculty Rep Committee



In addition to the executive team, we have a committee of faculty representatives chaired by our VP Internal. Their ideas and initiatives help shape the direction and development of our Chapter. 

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