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Scholarship Winners for Winter 2023

Congratulations to our Winter 2023 Scholarship Winners for everything they have accomplished. Their achievements embody our three pillars of academics, service, and leadership at the UAlberta Golden Key Chapter.

Please Note: Occasionally some of our scholarship winners wish to remain anonymous. If that is the case then they will not be found below.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Dav Rosychuk Photo 2.JPG

Dav Rosychuk

"My name is Dav and I currently study Secondary Education at the University of Alberta with a major in Chemistry and a minor in French.


Outside of my degree, I love volunteering, board games, café drinks, and getting involved with causes connected to my queer community and francophone community. In particular, I love doing sociolinguistics research on minority francophone communities and how their intersecting identities can influence their speech patterns. This research has implications for how we understand and teach French in Alberta, and I'm very excited to bring what I've learned into my teaching career.


Golden Key's opportunities have helped me expand my volunteering experience and I'm so honoured and grateful to be recognized with the U of A Chapter Award."

Aircraft Hangar
Bernardo Araujo Souto Photo.jpeg

"Bernardo obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Itajuba, Brazil.

He is pursuing his Ph.D. at Dr. Bressler’s lab at the University of Alberta, working on producing sustainable aviation fuel from agricultural wastes. He is passionate about research, extrapolating knowledge from academia to society through science and volunteer positions."

Bernardo Araujo Souto

Medical Team
Kaitlin Ferreira Photo.jpg

"Kaitlin is a fourth-year nursing student from Kitimat, British Columbia.


Outside of the Golden Key International Honour Society, she is involved in the U of A Ambassador Program and Alpha Gamma Delta Women's Fraternity. Kaitlin enjoys hiking, film photography, and playing soccer."

Kaitlin Ferreira

Camel and Pyramids
Leslie Therriault Photo.jpeg

"Hello! My name is Leslie and I’m currently finishing up my final semester of a combined History and Political Science Honors degree at UofA.


My involvement as VP of the UASCA has allowed me to remain engaged in climate justice efforts on campus and within the community.


When I’m not studying, I try to make time to see my friends or go for a walk in the river valley!"

Leslie Therriault

House in Guinea Bissau
Morgan Graumann Photo.jpg

Morgan Graumann

"Morgan is a fourth year after-degree Honors Anthropology student at the University of Alberta, holding a previous undergraduate in theatre management. Focusing on biological anthropology, Morgan's passions lay in the study of human osteological material and behavioral primatology - she also loves to paint and knit, because she is an old lady at heart.


Morgan ultimately hopes to utilize her knowledge of osteology to undertake humanitarian work in Africa and Pearl Harbor, but she also holds a passion for laboratory work. Morgan is particularly grateful to her mother, who lovingly edits all of her schoolwork and puts up with her many mid-term stress meltdowns."

Charity Volunteers
Muhammad Elezzabi Photo.jpeg

Muhammad Elezzabi

"Muhammad Elezzabi is a person who truly appreciates all that life has given him. He strongly believes in using his skills and knowledge to help others, and his actions reflect that. As a Masters in Science student in the Division of Rheumatology in the Faculty of Medicine, he is dedicated to understanding the potential causes behind fatigue in the autoimmune disease systemic sclerosis.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Muhammad is deeply involved in the community. He currently serves as the Vice-President of the Malmo Plains Community League, where he has made significant contributions to the development of his community. He was also instrumental in organizing a donation drive to provide eyeglasses to Ukrainian refugees showcasing his altruistic nature and dedication to serving those in need.

In addition, Muhammad has also volunteered at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, where he has raised funds to provide housing for those who are struggling in life. Despite his busy schedule, he still finds time to enjoy playing basketball and soccer in his free time."

Charity Volunteers
Natasha Larson Photo.jpeg

Natasha Larson

"Natasha is in her second year of the undergraduate Neuroscience program at the University of Alberta and is planning to pursue graduate studies in Medicine or Pharmacy.

While she spends most of her time studying, volunteering, or exercising at the gym, she loves to travel and recently visited Guatemala to help set up rural clinics in communities with limited access to healthcare.

Her passions include cooking, traveling, and reading so when she’s not off backpacking, you can usually find her curled up with a good book or trying a new recipe. This summer she will be working full-time in a neuroscience research lab and looks forward to gaining hands-on experience in her field.

She became a Golden Key member during her first year of university and is honoured to be receiving this award!"

Stretching Exercises
Paula Hladunewich Photo.JPG

Paula Hladunewich

"My name is Paula Hladunewich and I am currently in my second year of the Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education combined degree program at the University of Alberta.


Alongside my full-time school schedule, I play Junior A hockey in the Alberta Junior Female Hockey League with the Sherwood Park Steele. I strongly resonate with the Golden Key Society’s vision as I am passionate about connecting communities and guiding others toward success.


Therefore, I dedicate most of my time to coaching and helping out in hockey rinks, as well as volunteering at animal shelters and the Human Neurophysiology Laboratory at the UofA! One of my biggest life goals is to become a hockey coach and share my passion and knowledge with young players, as well as to promote female hockey and continue to grow the game not only in the community I reside in but around the province as well!"

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