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Some of us are under considerable stress in different areas of our lives because of the coronavirus and the measures that are being implemented to flatten the curve. Our 2019-2020 executives put together a list of activities over the spring and summer that you can undertake to stay positive, take a break from the news, and de-stress during these difficult times. Try some of them for yourself!

Guy Holding a Phone

1. Call a close friend or a family member.

"Strike up a conversation with them. Ask them what they're doing and how they're holding up this week. This is a great way to reconnect with others and show them that you're thinking about them." - Janine

2. If you think of someone, let them know.

"I was surprised by how much I enjoy phone calls (compared to texting) and it warms your heart hearing from someone about their day. It also helps you expand your inner circle of people who you can reach out to when you're feeling low." – Yesmine

3. Reconnect with friends.

"Either close friends or those whom you have not talked to for a while. This can help reform connections with others and brighten moods and days. It can be through calling, facetime, or other forms of social media." – Simran

Sunset Yoga

4. Create a new exercise routine.

"Can't go to the gym? No problem! Find things around the house to lift as weights. There are stretches you can do that don't require any equipment whatsoever. Now might be a good time to take up Yoga or Tai Chi (or read up on the potential health benefits of both)." – Janine

5. Start an at-home yoga practice.

"All you need is comfy clothes, an open heart, and your device to stream any yoga class your heart desires. I recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has a lot of different flows with different time frames (10 mins or 45 mins, your choice) and for achieving different goals." – Yesmine

6. Work out.

"Either do your own created body-weight exercises or follow workout videos from online or social media." – Simran


7. Make yourself a Starbucks inspiring drink.

"My favourite, easy-to-make treat is an iced matcha latte:


     In a small bowl: add 1 spoon of matcha powder, honey and a splash of water.
     Whisk to create a paste.
     In a mason jar: add ice & milk (I like to use unsweetened almond milk).
     Add the matcha paste. Put the lid on, shake it up, enjoy!" – Alexa

Wood Bridge Walking

8. Enjoy time outside by going on a walk or run.

"Before my runs I decide how many kms to run and find trails around my house that equal the distance I decided on. And the best part - make an awesome playlist to motivate you during your run!" – Alexa

9. Get outside.

"Listen to what your body wants to do today (while respecting social distancing of course). Go for a walk, a run, a jog, a bird-watching spree, a hike, you name it. Edmonton is wonderful for its plethora of natural spaces such as the River Valley that connects to multiple university parks." – Yesmine

Reading Time

10. Read a book.

"Taking time to read a book is a great way to explore within the confines of your house. Reread some of your old faves, or if you’re in the mood for something out of your normal reads, ask a family member for one of their favourite books! I love to read my book for a half hour most mornings. It gives me a sort of routine and it is a great feeling of accomplishment when you finish one!" – Bria

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

11. Cook or make something for the first time.

"Making something new is a fun challenge that you can take on alone or with family members! I just baked some lemon crinkle cookies. They were delicious!" – Bria

12. Try out a new recipe.

"Cooking/baking is an excellent way to distract yourself and create something super yummy for you and your family." – Simran

Child Holding Fresh Produce

13. Think of your child self.

"What did they used to love to do or couldn't wait to do when they became older? Give it a go! Maybe it's gardening; maybe it's baking a cheesecake on your own. Dive into your inner child and let them take the lead once in a while." – Yesmine

Loft Bedroom

14. Tidy up your room.

"You can simply start by making your bed, if you are not already doing so. In this way, you have a good start of the day and you feel you have already accomplished something." – Juan

Researching and Writing

15. Write down 5 things you are grateful for.

“Start taking notes of things that you enjoy doing every day. Writing down five things to be grateful for helps you to focus on the good things and not emphasize the stressors you might be dealing with." – Juan

16. Start journaling.

"Write or draw your feelings in a journal. It can be a way for you to express your fears, hopes and joys." – Janetta

Dancing in the Street

17. Have a mini dance party.

"Who does not like dancing a little bit? It is important to still have fun and remember that we deserve to be happy. You can plan to dance alone or with some friends in a video call." – Juan

Tourist Outside of Shinto Shrine

18. Search tourist attractions online. 

"If you miss traveling, take a virtual tour of a tourist attraction. Use websites to revisit one of your favorite tourist spots or plan for a future vacation!” – Janetta

18 Self-Care Tips

from the UAlberta Golden Key Executive Team
September 27th, 2020

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