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Scholarship Winners for Summer 2022

Congratulations to our Summer 2022 Scholarship Winners for everything they have accomplished. Their achievements embody our three pillars of academics, service, and leadership at the UAlberta Golden Key Chapter.

Please Note: Occasionally some of our scholarship winners wish to remain anonymous. If that is the case then they will not be found below.

Support Group Meeting
Student in the reading room
Kassidy McGuire Photo.JPG

"My name is Kassidy McGuire and I am in the fourth year of a Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Alberta. I believe that children hold a great curiosity about the world and I want to be part of helping them learn what they desire. I have worked as a camp counsellor, a Children's Ministry Coordinator, and a respite worker; and I look forward to graduating so that I can extend my work experience with children into the classroom."

Kassidy McGuire

Nada Kaddoura Photo.jpg

"My name is Nada Kaddoura and I’m a fourth year Psychology student at the UofA. I have always loved volunteering with various organizations in my community which is the reason I prioritized community service along with my studies. I hope to pursue my education further at the PharmD program and I am grateful for Golden Key to fund a portion of my education. Thank you."

Nada Kaddoura

Family Playing Games
Rebecca Grose Photo.jpg

"Rebecca Grose is a Master of Arts candidate in the Digital Humanities program. She is studying the ethical systems of role-playing video games to understand how our society reproduces our values.


During her studies, Rebecca is also part of the Digital Humanities Student Association, which works to connect students in the Digital Humanities and Master of Communications and Technology programs and plans their annual conference, DiHuCon. When she's not writing or researching, Rebecca is an avid reader, gamer, and musician."

Rebecca Grose

Scientist with Test Tubes
Tyler Weenink Photo.jpg

"My name is Tyler Weenink and I am in my 5th year of my undergraduate degree at University of Alberta Augustana Campus in Camrose.


I'm taking a bachelor of science with a major in biology and am applying to get into medical school next year! I am also a proud member of the Augustana Vikings basketball team."

Tyler Weenink

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