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Scholarship Winners for Spring 2021

Congratulations to our Spring 2021 Scholarship Winners for everything they have accomplished. Their achievements embody our three pillars of academics, service, and leadership at the UAlberta Golden Key Chapter.

Please Note: Occasionally some of our scholarship winners wish to remain anonymous. If that is the case then they will not be found below.

Business Meeting
Brain Scans
Alleya Bourne Photo.jpg

"My name is Alleya Bourne and I am studying in my 4th year of Neuroscience at the University of Alberta. I have been a member of the Golden Key society for a year now, and I resonate strongly with their vision. I am passionate about all facets of wellness, connecting communities through involvement in various initiatives, and striving for continuous personal growth. I enjoy hiking, acrobatics, and running. You might find me at a local coffee shop or paddling boarding at a lake in the summertime!"

Alleya Bourne

Ariane Perreault Photo.jpeg

Ariane Perreault

“My name is Ariane Perreault and I am a third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce. When I am not studying, I like to dedicate my time to connecting and serving the community through school, volunteering, and my work. I am one of the co-founders of Asian Students for Students: a student-run organization where we provide a safe space for Asian students of all backgrounds to come together to socialize, advocate for important issues, and fundraise for low-income students in Asia.


I also volunteer at the Terra Centre where I organize donations and interact with the participants. I continue to try and serve my community through my work as the program leader for an elementary spiritual education program. Through my work I am able to connect with children and teach them various topics including friendship, leadership, and culture. I am passionate about community service and work constantly towards applying the leadership and management skills that I am learning in my degree to help others. In my free time I enjoy reading (or re-reading) books with a cup of tea and watching movies.

Christina Mills Photo.jpeg

Christina Mills

“My name is Christina, and I am 31 years old. First and foremost, I am a wife and mom to three. Second, I am journeyman hairstylist and a busy business owner; as well as a full-time BEd student. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, and the ocean frequently calls me home.


I love to travel, and I find great joy in creating new experiences. I currently reside on treaty 6 territory in Edmonton, AB. It is my goal to set an example for my children. I want them to see that the world is their oyster, and they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to. I want to show my community that academic success can be achieved at any age. It is important to me to be able give back in any way I possibly can, and to encourage people that anything is possible. The sky is the limit!

Jackie Libon Photo.jpg

Jackie Libon

“Hello! My name is Jackie, and I am proud to accept the Spring Scholarship Competition. I am going into my fourth year of the Nursing Honors program at the University of Alberta, and I continuously strive to uphold the pillars of the Golden Key by being committed to leadership, academics, and service. Some positions I hold on UofA’s campus are President for the Health Sciences Students’ Association, Student Lead for the Child Health Interest Group and Founder/President of Community, Advocacy, Philanthropy & Equity Student Group. I founded this student group with a goal of creating a community driven by altruism by partnering with various organizations in the Edmonton area to provide leadership and service opportunities to UofA students.

I also actively volunteer with the Heart & Stroke Foundation as a Health Promotion Assistant and with Alberta Health Services as a Community Visitor. Further, I am passionate about research and work as a Research Assistant on a variety of child health and immunization projects as well as my Honors project aimed at increasing mental wellness in rural youth communities.”

Jackie Libon is also one of the winners of Golden Key’s 2021 Undergraduate Achievement Awards ($1000 USD). These are different than our chapter scholarships in that they are even bigger awards from an international scholarship competition. Congratulations, Jackie.

Medical Team
Jingyi He Photo.jpeg

Jingyi He

"My name is Jingyi He and I am a Third Year Nursing Honors Student at the University of Alberta. Outside of classes, I am the founder of cValley Global — an International non-profit organization that aims to help children practice their second language in a stress-free, conversational environment. (Check out our website at


In my free time, I enjoy listening to audiobooks and zoning out to ambient music while thinking about life (if you catch me doing that I’m probably just procrastinating on studying lol). I look forward to meeting everyone on campus once classes become in-person again!


Take care and have a great summer. :) "

Jingyi He is also one of the winners of Golden Key’s 2021 Undergraduate Achievement Awards ($1000 USD). These are different than our chapter scholarships in that they are even bigger awards from an international scholarship competition. Congratulations, Jingyi.

Fitness Class
Sarah Der Photo.jpg

"My name is Sarah, and I'm entering my fourth year of Kinesiology at the UofA. I have a passion for public health, wellness, and physical activity, and I hope to pursue a future in inspiring and educating others in these areas. In my free time, I love to dance and go for walks around the river valley trails. My goals for this upcoming year are to network and develop my skills in leadership, and I'm excited to see the opportunities that Golden Key will have in store!"

Sarah Der

Family Portrait
Wendy Aujla Photo.jpg

Wendy Aujla

"Wendy Aujla is an applied Sociologist committed to action-driven research that builds safer communities free from violence. Wendy’s research expertise in domestic violence includes violence against racialized immigrant women, “honour”-based crimes, and forced marriages.


She serves on the expert advisory panel for the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability (CFOJA) and the Immigrant Family Violence Prevention (IFVP) Committee formerly known as the Ethno-Cultural Family Violence Committee (EFVC). As a member of the IFVP, she led an exploratory two-year funded project to generate key insights into the gaps in ethno-cultural services and supports for families experiencing violence. Recognitions for her work include an Inspiration Award and the Peace in Families Award."

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